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Additions and accessories for the awnings


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The Barak Awnings Company offers a wide range of additions, according to the client’s needs:

  • Led Lighting System – a “led” system with a separate battery charger, which provides an atmosphere for sitting under the awning.
  • Additional arms – An additional arm or two additional arms to the couple of arms provided with the awning.
  • Self- adjustment angle of the awning – A mechanism that is manually operated in order to change the slope of the angle to the plateau of the awning fabric.  Strong slopes are recommended during the winter months, for good water drainage as well as the flat angles of the winter summer rays.  This mechanism is not appropriate for a full cassette awning.
  • A JOLLY MOTOR brand electrical engine – with raising power of 80 – 185 kg.  Accompanied by a 5 year gold warranty.
  • A manually operated integrated electrical engine – A solution for Shabbat observers, for tenants on higher floors or for locations with strong winds.  Manual operation is used as a backup in case of an electrical problem and when there is a need to close the awning.
  • SHOCK SENSOR – in charge of automatically closing down the awning when there are intense winds which could endanger the awning.  The degree of the sensor’s sensitivity can be adjusted in advance.
  • Remote control – One-channel or multiple channels according to a VG JOLLY brand radio command with a wide range and proven loyalty which underwent a review of the Standards Institute and the Ministry of Communications.  The remote control is backed up by a manual command using a wall switch or integrated in an electronic system of a smart home.
  • Aluminum mid – roofing – For sealing the gap between the awning and the wall.  It was intended for super arms awnings, a midi cassette awning or a complete cassette awning.
  • Omega – For middle support of the fabric pipe.  Intended for awnings with a width of over 6 meters.

The additions mentioned above are suitable for all types of awnings, aside from self-adjustment angle awnings, which are not possible in a complete cassette awning.