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DayLight Shutter + Mosquito Net


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A unique daylight roller shutter that provides another great advantage, a built-in mosquito net. Our company had succeeded to combine between the beauty of the daylight roller shutter and the functional mosquito net, in one product!
The built in net enables gaps between the shutter's slats and in the same time – protects from mosquitos to enter the house. The net is made out of high quality aluminum, polymeric coated, which lasts for many years.
When the shutter goes down the net automatically spreads between the shutter's slats, and when the shutter is closed, the net enters automatically between the aluminum profiles. The net is unique and is colored in a range of color that is almost invisible, and enables a sense of "fully open to air".
A great meaningful additional advantage for this roller shutter is in its safety. The net avoids children to put their hand fingers in between the slats, and prevent hurts.


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