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Coordinators and engines for smoke release


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According to the standard requirements public structures or structures that populate lots of tenants will be protected from the damage of inhaling smoke via windows that open on their own – even if the electricity is cut off.  Due to these systems, the smoke is emitted outside of the structure and does not endanger the tenants’ lives.

Synchro (Kinetic) Ltd. Company from the Barak Group places at your disposal comprehensive systems for releasing smoke which includes engines, coordinators and a range of accessories required by the fire extinguishing alignment in Israel and are authorized by them:

  • Barak Electric Engines imports engines from USC ITALY – the leading linear engine manufacturers around the world.
  • The company engines are compact, fast, quiet, and authorized by all of the International Standards for quality, protection and the highest level of dependability.  The engines which release smoke are also adapted to direct frequency 24V and they are integrated into the ventilation system and the smoke release window in the structures.
  • There is a control panel and operating switches, which are adapted to the requirements of the International Standard DIN18232 and additional European standards like BS476, EN12101.
  • Fire resistant screens

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