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Secured doors and windows is necessary to feel secure against burglars entering houses from outside and against lifting shutters from inside the houses by children. Till now we were forced to secure doors and windows by bars, which were additional to the existing window shutters. Most of the bars available today in the market do not open and provide a feeling of "jail". Other bars, which do open, can be shifted manually on the track, bit they leave a significantly small part of the window / door open, as they are being folded and are not strong enough.


Our company spent many efforts in order to combine the favorable daylight roller shutter and a strong bar, in order to enjoy the advantages of both products in one! 

We have developed a motorized rolling bar, that opens and closes as a roller shutter, by an electrical motor. Large opening slats enables entrance of air and light, and a double-locking key prevents the chances to lift up the bars. Simple and easy installation – instead of the existing old fashioned shutters.


Automatic locking as the motorized rolling bar goes down, is combined with a manual key locking system, which enables to lock the bar in two different positions:


1.   Locking in a position that the complete motorized rolling bar is closed with closed ventilation gaps.

2.   Locking in a position that the complete motorized rolling bar is closed with opened ventilation gaps.


When pushing the closing switch of the motorized rolling bar, it will lock automatically, by an aluminum chain that pushes the slats downwards by an electrical motor and by that, prevent the chances to lift it up from outside. By pushing the lifting switch, the lock will automatically release.

In addition, a mechanism locking device is installed on one of the last slats of the rolling bar. By shifting the two side locking handles, two strong bolts are shifted to the side tracks. A key turn keeps the bolts in place. In order to lift the motorized rolling bar it is required to unlock it and to re-shift the locking handles. The locking system can be located any place along the bar.


Technical data:

·         Motorized rolling bar made out of high quality aluminum 6005 alloy.

·         High quality colored, in a wide variety of colors.

·         Electrical motor (Jolly Motor Israel brand), which disconnects the voltage in case the bolts were lifted in a 'locked' position.

·         Automatic chain locking when the rolling bar is going down.

·         Key lock – a "Master" key can be added to every house.

·         Small rolling diameter

·         23 mm height ventilation gaps. 


Tubular Motors