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We were all born with shutters whose role it was to protect us from the sun’s rays, to adjust the penetration of light, to regulate the air and light ventilation coming into the home and of course provide us with the required amount of privacy.  In this regard, the shutters of today provide an identical role, but the technology and design that aluminum shutters, electric shutters and modern roll ups provided at our disposal which are very far removed from the shutters of yesteryear.

Barak Jolly-Advanced Shutters, the shutter division of the Barak Group, is developing and creating roll up shutters from aluminum, which constitute the most innovative solutions for home shading solutions – some of them are under sole ownership patents and their beautiful design is well integrated at each opening in which they are installed.  Aluminum shutter collections of Barak – Jolly Advanced Shutters include an array of roll

up shutter samples made from aluminum.  These shutters, which are operated using a manual strip and electric shutters are equipped with a quality and sturdy JOLLY MOTOR engine.

All of the shutters are characterized by their quiet operations, quality painting and a small cylinder perimeter.


Roller Shutters