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Aluminum pergolas

פרגולת אלומיניום

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Barak Awnings’ permanent pergolas are made out of qualitative aluminum profiles with a thickness of 1.6 – 2.5 mm, without plastic parts that are bound to become disfigured under the sun and without iron parts, which are bound to corrode over time. “plastic free”:

  • The constructive structure from aluminum profiles, that is made out of RHS width and length sources: 80X40X2 mm or from 120x40x2.5 mm.
  • These profiles grasp unto unique aluminum springs which entail an “entering with a click” stage profile.
  • The stages are made out of aluminum profiles with a thickness of 1.6 – 1.7 mm in a concave incision and provide 100% of stage density and protection of 80% from the penetration of rain water.
  • One can choose the degree of stage densities, from 50% (stage yes and stage no) and up to 100% (at a glance directly upwards one cannot see the sky at all or in an abundant observation one can observe 40% of the sky).
  • The pergola profiles underwent “passivation and chromatization” and are painted with electro-static powdered color in a unique oven.
  • There is an enormous range of colors to choose from:  all chosen according to the RAL ruler, granulated colors and “iron” colors.
  • The pergola appears to be new for several years, with complete steadfastness in the rain and heavy sun conditions, without any treatment or maintenance.
  • The pergolas have aluminum stands from a unique shape profile sized 80X120 mm.  The profile is intended to absorb tracks for entrance/exit consent or sliding windows made of aluminum.