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Each one of their shadings, shutters, electrical engine and accessories products that are marketed by the Barak Group express the group vision: “To improve the quality of life of our clients using innovative shading solutions at a high quality and competitive price,” and its values, that have accompanied the company since its inception:

Technological Innovation

As a company based on engineering and development employees, the Barak Group invests lots of resources in developing technologies and thinking outside the box in all that relates to shading, shutters, and electrical engine solutions.  This approach comes to fruition in all of the company products: aluminum pergolas, awnings, shutters, innovative electrical engines and the variety of complementary products which are developed in the company’s technology development division that strive to provide the most optimal solutions for the needs of their clients and lifestyle.

Quality and Steadfastness

The field of quality control at the Barak Group is very highly adhered to, and is expressed in the quality raw fabrics that are used for creating solutions for shading, shutters, electrical engines and components that are imported by the leading manufacturers around the world:

  • MBK Germany brand awning mechanisms
  • UPAT Germany anchor walls
  • Awnings and awning fabrics from the Italian brand PARA, which is solely represented by the Barak Group.
  • Mehler Germany brand screen scrolling fabric
  • The fabric is woven with BAYER Germany brand string and coated with TEFLON.
  • Cloth bolts and awnings made of 40 PVC type reinforced outdoor brezents which are HAOGENPLAST brands.
  • Engines for electrical shutters from the Jolly Motor Israel company – the best of its kind around the world.
  • UCS Italy engines for releasing smoke from structures
  • A centralizer for releasing smoke; imported by Ferralux RWA Germany
  • Smoke and fire screens from IC International England This quality enables the Group clients to enjoy qualitative and steadfast shading, shutters as well as electrical engine products for several years.

Convenience and Security

Each one of the products that are developed and marketed by the Barak Group, including shutters, awnings, electrical pergolas, awnings and electrical engines, place a great deal of emphasis on the convenience and the security of their operation – by adults and kids and they are installed by a experienced and professional technical staff.

Innovative Design

At the Barak Group we believe that the quality of life is an inseparable part of a lifestyle.  Therefore, all of the Group products, starting with the pergolas, via the various awnings and fabrics that envelope them all the way to the various awnings and the fabric that covers them, including the shutters, receive meticulous and innovative design and have become the design fabric that contributes to the architectural view of each home, business, store or garden.

Considerate Service

The Barak Group is a fundamental Israeli company, with “blue and white products”.  The Group operates an efficient service and maintenance alignment, which provides the company clients with professional architectural consultation and allows them to enjoy various sources of solutions in shading, shutters and electrical engines that are suitable for their needs at competitive prices and mental calm.

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