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A unique, sophisticated and particularly attractive shutter, combining the best of all worlds, a daylight roller shutter integrated with a louver shutter.

20 % of shutter surface is dedicated to light and ventilation openings (in contrast to a regular light shutter with 15%).

Aluminum louver visors protected light openings from penetration of direct sunlight and rain.

Super attractive appearance, similar to louver shutter.

Maximum safety during lowering, ventilation openings protected by louver visors.

Sense of maximal privacy – one can see outwards from inside the house, but one cannot see outwards into the house from outside.

Shutter slats available with built-in mosquito nets

Beautiful shutter action. Opening and closing when visors are closed. Only when shutter is lowered to the window / still door, will the visors open upwards.

Shutters supplied in wide range of colors and shades.

Adaptable to larger openings, up to 3 meters long and a minimal rolling diameter.


(protected by two patents and three registered models)




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