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The Markizoletas / window frames shade windows or narrow balconies whose shape is plateau and sloping.  It is In opposition to the fabric marquees of the window frames rolls, doesn’t fold and both sides are open.

The advantage of the window frames is its ability to open up to 180 degrees (in opposition to the marquees that only open up to 90 degrees), and thus provide protection even when we are dealing with an exceptionally high window, opposite to the directions in which the sun’s rays hit the window at a flat angle (from the West).

The window frame mechanism is made out of painted aluminum, a rotating fabric over a rolling pipe that is assembled inside the aluminum cassette.  Two side arms are responsible for opening the fabric and the springs in them, which are responsible for the fabric stretching in all of the opening angles.

The turn on mechanism is manual, using a manual operating device or electricity – that is remote controlled or controlled by a switch – according to the client.
The coverage fabric is made out of plastic brezent against rain or an acrylic brezent, according to client’s preference.  

The maintenance of the marquees and window frames is very simple and efficient.  It’s easy to replace the fabric and it can be maintained for several years to come.