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The shape of the marquee is round (a quarter of the cylinder fabric coverage) and its chassis is built of aluminum arcs from a round and unique profile which is penetrated by a “transplant” of a rubber profile, which is attached to the marquee fabric.  The number of arcs varies between four and six – in accordance with the marquee aperture.  The arcs can all be equal or smaller and operate in the graded marquee manufacturer’s manner.

  Each aluminum infrastructure of the marquee is built from the marquee’s aluminum foundation that is painted with a powder for a light cream tone (stone color) RAL 1013.  The rotation hinges of the arcs are made of non-corrosive stainless steel.  The cover fabric can be made out of a reinforced PVC brezent, or acrylic brezent – according to the client’s preference.  The start and shut down of the mechanism is manual or electrical according to the client.  If the opening mechanism of the marquee has a JOLLY MOTOR brand electrical engine, which is operated by pressing a switch or a single or multi-channel remote control according to the request of the client.