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Electric pergolas


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The electric pergolas are relatively new in Israel and abroad and they provide solutions that are not provided among any one of the other awnings and pergolas.  The bars are relatively large with a width of 16 cm.  In order to avoid connotations of a louver shutter and have the ability to rotate on a hinge that goes through their center.  The rotation varies from 0 when horizontal and up to 105 degrees above it.  

In the horizontal state, the pergola is completely shut down – into light and water.  In the opening stage above 90 degrees, 80% of the sky is open and exposed to light.  The maximal opening is used for cleaning the pergola, using a water jetstream that is sprayed on the rungs from below.
The bars are built from aluminum propyls at a width of 2 mm (not from thin aluminum tin and not from iron tin!).
At each margin of each stage, propyl rubber is penetrated in order to weaken the contact noise between the adjacent stages.

The fact that the pergola is constructed from relatively thick aluminum propyl makes it less noisy when it rains compared to any other type of pergola made out of thin tins.

At each rung – there are four hinges made out of stainless steel, which allow the rotation of the rung at any desired angle.  The rungs are composed of built-in propyl that is used as a “concealed and hidden” drainpipe made of aluminum – where the water drains into.  The drainpipe can accumulate, according to the inclines, into the required location.

The pergola is operated by linear engines (ACTUATOR), approximately one engine per 10 – 13 sqm.  The engines are operated by a switch and/or by a radio remote control with one or various channels – according to the client’s request.  The engines are waterproof IP 65 brands and they are under warranty for a period of 3 years.

Barak Awnings is proud of its name brand pergolas that it creates and which don’t contain any plastic parts.  The entire pergola is made of aluminum and stainless steel hinges (PLASTIC FREE).

In contrast to the fixed pergolas, which are bound to darken, the electric pergola can be opened at every angle, and permeate light at the desired degree.
The pergola is closed off to water but is not completely impermeable.  Rain accompanied by strong winds is bound to cause a slight drizzle inside.  The degree of impermeability is also dependent on the sufficient slants that are provided during its construction.


Common additions to the electric pergola

  • “Konzolic Construction” – a hanging pergola without legs.  The construction is made out of galvanized steel and electrostatically painted in the color of the pergola.  Suitable for homes attached to the ground or penthouses, which do not penetrate the upstairs neighbor’s surface.
  • Sloping roofs – at the desired width of the client.
  • Skirts – at the desired width and from the same propyls.
  • Propyls for hanging ceiling fans or lighting.
  • Environmental Lighting – Led lighting that is charged by an electric charger that is sufficient for 7 hours. Integrated lighting in the pergola propyls provide environmental lighting for those sitting under the pergola.
  • Rising/Declining Screens – from a variety of brezents (especially netting), that are manually or electrically operated.
  • Electric light shutters from aluminum for assembly within the perimeter of the pergola.

The comparison between Barak Awning’s brand to other pergolas tend towards the Barak preference:

A.     The pergola is built entirely from aluminum propyls – rather than tin aluminum or tin iron.  As a result of this it is quiet during strong rain and will never corrode.

B.    The rungs are positioned between two propyl drainpipes. “An inbuilt drainpipe” (concealed from view).  In this manner one can guide the drainage into willful and desired points.  Also the required inclines can be moderate compared to another brand.

C.    The Barak Awning’s pergolas don’t have any plastic parts.  The hinges on which the rungs are based are made out of stainless steel.

D.    The rungs are wide – 16 cm in order to avoid similarity or connotation of a “louver shutter.”

E.    Due to the pergola structure with the built-in drainpipes, there is an option to turn on the rungs in any desired direction: north, south or west.  In addition to this, the rungs can be parallel to the home wall or those adjacent to it.

F.    The rungs of the Barak pergolas and by opened up to 105 degrees, in opposition to others with a limited opening, sometimes not over 60 degrees.  It is better for inserting light, ventilation for day without winds and also lessens the cleaning from above by spraying water from below.

G.    The pergola columns are made of smooth rectangular propyls or out of propyls that are designed with sockets for inserting the curtains or sliding glass doors.

H.    The Barak pergolas are more steadfast when they are painted over on the tin that was curved after painting in order to create a profile, since the bending area of the color is stretched out and is bound to crack.

I.    The Barak pergolas have coverage propyls, which provide the entire structure with a clean appearance of a closed frame.